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All Classes Will Be Held Virtually – Live Online Intertech's Training Division has been successfully instructing professionals through virtual live online training since the advent of the smartboard. It is a proven form and offers the convenience of live questions, group interaction, and labs with an instructor looking over your shoulder. Because of this, we will continue all classes live but virtually, including Agile and Scrum instruction, so businesses and individual’s seeking professional development can keep moving forward during these unexpected times.

Vmware Mastering vSphere Advanced with ESX/ESXi and vCenter Training

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This Rock Solid Mastering VMware vSphere with ESXi and vCenter Class includes the Virtualization Council's Master Infrastructure Architect (VC-MIA) certification; the leading certification in the industry for Virtual Enterprise Architects. This certification validates your skills on designing and optimizing VMware® environments coupled with intensive training on a wealth of third-party applications that are invaluable when designing and building a VMware enterprise.

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Our Mastering course is intended for students with significant production experience in the vSphere product suite. It is our intention to take your existing knowledge base and expand upon that.

Mastering VMware vSphere with ESX/ESXi and vCenter Class - Benefits and Goals Our four (4) day intense Mastering VMware vSphere with ESX/ESXi and vCenter class provides the most comprehensive approach to Virtualization training. This is an intense, accelerated immersion course, designed for computer professionals that require effective, real-world skill-building.

Course Outline

Creating Enterprise ESXi Servers
  • Understanding VMFS
  • VMFS Limits
  • ESXi Server Memory
  • Required Partitions
  • Optional Partitions
  • ESX Installation
  • Post-installation tasks
  • Scripted Installations
Configuring ESX Servers for the first time
  • Download and install vSphere client
  • Log in to ESXi Server
  • Configure VMKernel Port Group
  • Make changes to ESXi Firewall
  • Create VMFS volume(s)
  • Configure NTP services
  • Verify ESXi server security
Virtual Networking and ESXi Server Security Architecture
  • Understanding ESXi Server Security
  • The Virtualization Layer
  • Service Console Security
  • Virtual Networking
  • Virtual Switch Security
  • Virtual Switch Isolation
  • VLAN's
  • Security Recommendations
Hardening the ESXi Server
  • The ESXi Server Firewall
  • XML Configuration for Port Access
  • CLI Configuration
ESXi Storage Architecture
  • ESXi Storage Architecture
  • ESXi Storage Systems
  • Local Storage
  • NAS
  • iSCSI
  • SAN Overview
  • SAN Components
  • SAN Reliability
  • ESX Storage Comparison
Connecting To iSCSI SAN
  • Create VMKernel Connection Type
  • Enable iSCSI and configure targets
  • Attach ESXi Servers to iSCSI
Advanced vCenter Configuration and Clustering
  • Cluster Types
  • DRS
  • Distributed Power Management
  • VMware High Availability
  • HA Advanced Options
  • Cluster Strategy
  • VMotion
  • Storage VMotion
Infrastructure Upgrade to vSphere
  • Review Phases of upgrade
  • Upgrading Virtual Center
  • Upgrading VIC
  • Use of Update Manager for upgrade
  • Upgrading vCenter Plugins
  • Upgrading VMware tools
Virtual Machines and Appliances
  • Virtual Appliances
  • Exporting Virtual Machines
  • Importing Virtual Machines
  • OVF - Open Virtualization Format
  • 3rd Party Tools
  • Summary
Advanced 3rd Party Tools
  • vCenter Plug-ins
  • VM Disk Partitioning Tools
  • Diagnostic Tools
  • Performance Monitoring Tools
  • Reporting Tools
  • Backup, DR and HA
  • USB and Dongle Support Tools
  • PDA/Smart Phone Tools
VMware Consolidated Backup
  • VCB at a Glance
  • Architecture
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Integration
Upgrading and Patching ESXi Hosts
  • Command line Patches
  • Patch Manager
  • Create vNetwork Distributed Switch (vDS)
  • vDS Architecture
  • Add Ports
  • Add Hosts
  • Migrate VM's
  • Connect vNics
Host Profiles
  • Host Profiles Usage Model
  • Access Host Profiles View
  • Creating a Host Profile
  • Edit a Host Profile
  • Associate with Additional Hosts/Cluster
  • Checking Compliance
  • Benefits
Linking vCenter Servers
  • Defining Linking Mode
  • Linked Mode Prerequisites
  • Joining a Linked Mode Group during and after Installation
  • vCenter Maximums
Fault Tolerance
  • Fault Tolerance and Virtualization
  • Fault Tolerance in the Physical World
  • Benefits of VMware Fault Tolerance
  • Implementing FT
Log File Analysis and Session Management
  • ESXi Server Log Files
  • vCenter Server Log Files
  • Virtual Machine Log Files
  • Session Management
Command Line Tools
  • ESXi CLI Commands
  • esxcfg commands
  • vmkftools command
  • vmkping
  • vmware-cmd
  • top
  • esxtop
  • vm-support
  • esxupdate
  • ISO and FLP Images
  • VMware Remote CLI
Critical ESXi and Virtual Machine Files
  • Critical ESXi Files
  • Virtual Machine Files
  • Resilient
  • Non-Resilient
Runlevels and Services
  • Runlevels defined
  • ESXi Runlevels
  • The inittab file
  • Services available on ESXi
  • ESXi Specific services
  • /etc/rcX.d
  • Summary
Disaster Recovery
  • Virtual Infrastructure Architecture
  • Planning for DR
  • Asynchronous Mirroring Defined
  • DR Models
  • DR Components
  • Redundancy and Rebuilding

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