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All Classes Will Be Held Virtually – Live Online Intertech's Training Division has been successfully instructing professionals through virtual live online training since the advent of the smartboard. It is a proven form and offers the convenience of live questions, group interaction, and labs with an instructor looking over your shoulder. Because of this, we will continue all classes live but virtually, including Agile and Scrum instruction, so businesses and individual’s seeking professional development can keep moving forward during these unexpected times.

Career Guide

Why Intertech

Since 1991 Intertech has focused on building a strong, cohesive team of .NET, Java, Front-End, UI/UX and Agile professionals and offering them the project work they want. Through custom application development, full project delivery and client training and mentoring, our consultants thrive while leaving clients better equipped with the latest technology.

This combination of excellence defines the Intertech model and provides each member of the Intertech team with the following benefits:

If You Are A Consultant Considering Intertech:

Leading-Edge Projects that Challenge.

Intertechʼs training division is the first to understand newtechnology, so Intertech consultants are the first to understand and implement new technology. Having this real-time information flow between field and classroom is an important difference that provides our sales staff with a unique message and our consultants with an advantage when companies are confronted with a project that requires leading-edge expertise.

When You're in the Field, You're Not Alone.

Communication between R&D, management and the field focuses on one specific goal: that no matter where Intertech staff are located, they have a reliable network of experts. From thought leaders in our training division to colleagues in and outside the office, you have the support of a world-class team.

When You're a Consultant with Intertech, You're always Trained and Up-to-Date.

Who better to rely on to stay up to date than Intertechʼs training division? For those on the Intertech consulting team, instruction and updates are immediately available in all areas, including:

  • Technology
  • Project Management Techniques
  • Software Development Best Practices
  • Framework Development
  • Application Architecture
  • Programming
  • Deployment
  • Technical Leadership
  • Technical-Skill Transfer

If You Are An Account Executive Considering Intertech:

Intertech Account Executives Have Confidence in Their Products.

Intertech account executives represent a team of elite, passionate professionals. Add a customer satisfaction rating of “99.5% Satisfied” and a pool of technical experts with a solid understanding of the processes that define software development, and Intertech account executives can confidently focus on the future, not damage control.

Principles and Values

To create a place where people matter, Intertech has three principles and three values as its guiding philosophy.


  • Exceptional
    We're exception because of exceptional people. We get great people by getting great work.
  • Difference
    We're different in a way that matters to our customers.
  • Dominate
    We dominate our backyard of Minneapolis/St. Paul through a combination of training and consulting


  • Attitude
    Each day we choose our attitude. Attitude is contagious. For others to be positive, excited and inspired, we must be.
  • Commitment
    As a team, we deliver. We demand more of ourselves than others could ask.
  • Excellence
    Weʼre committed to a world-class customer experience and world-class customer satisfaction.

Ten Reasons to Consider Intertech

1. Stimulating, Project-Based Work.

An Intertech consultant has work that is new, stimulating and, in the end, improves their skills.

Because our instructors teach the newest technologies, our consultants consult in the newest technologies. Intertech consultants are leaders in the field, and our clients know it. They understand that Intertech professionals work on the latest technologies while bringing years of proven experience to every project.

2. Clear Expectations for Intertech Consultants.

Intertech consultants know what is expected of them and have a clear definition of performance.

As an Intertech consultant, you have two clear objectives: (1) utilization and (2) education. First, your utilization goal and utilization-related bonus is structured so that you know exactly what the company expects before the year begins. These goals, when met, and combined with Intertechʼs outlined Profit Participation Plan (PPP), provide a clear path to realizing up to an additional 10% of your salary in bonus. In conjunction with your utilization objectives, Intertech has a defined policy that pays overtime against billable hours that exceed the standard 40-hour work week. Secondly, when you leverage our world-class training program, your education goal is clearly structured to provide you the opportunity to finish the year stronger than you began.

3. Fair Reward, Recognition, And Workplace Benefits.

Intertech employees receive a solid compensation package, and recognition for a job well done. In addition, Intertech consultants receive:
  • A year-end bonus tied to utilization
  • A bonus through Intertechʼs PPP (Profit Participation Plan)
  • Overtime for hours billable to a client
  • Paid Vacation
  • For consultants, when between assignments, the ability to take vacation and not have 100% of the hours taken go against vacation balance
  • Sabbatical (3 months of vacation for every 7 years of service)
  • Internal recognition through a colleague acknowledgment program — peers recognize peers for living Intertech values — to include quarterly parties with drawings for gift cards and prizes for both nominees and nominators.
  • Optionally Work 9 – 9 hour days (based on client approval)
  • Casual dress at the Intertech office 5 days a week.

In addition, Intertech has eleven times made the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journalʼs list of “Best Places to Work.”

4. Communication.

Intertech professionals stay connected, even in the field where it can be a challenge.

A challenge for any consultant is to stay connected in the field. At Intertech, we strive to overcome this obstacle through (A) weekly company-wide newsletters that highlight what is happening at the firm, (B) weekly huddles that utilize telecom or face-to-face gatherings to address updates and project-specific areas of concern, (C) direct lines of communication between staff and management, (D) a quarterly all company party and a (E) monthly lunch grill-out. Through these proactive formats, we maintain open communication so problems, should they arise, can be effectively handled in their initial stages. In addition, Intertech uses a corporate social network (think of it as a Facebook for Intertech employees only) to share updates, ask technical questions and get immediate help, or share thoughts on life and all things Intertech.

5. Unparalleled Learning.

Intertech professionals receive hands-on training and access to the latest research.

Fortunately, Intertech is the No. 1 software developer training company in Minnesota. Prior to new courseware being released, Intertech consultants have access to it. And because our courseware is typically released before the technology is released, Intertech consultants are out in front, keeping their skills current.

6. Explicit Career Paths.

Intertech associates know what it takes to move ahead within the organization.

All Intertech staff are elite. For those with the desire and demonstrated results, there is a clear path to becoming an Intertech Principal — a distinction that you are the best of the best and a position that is accompanied by additional rewards, to include an additional bonus plan, premium participation in Intertech’s EPP, and invitations to exclusive events.

7. An Inclusive Culture.

Intertech prides itself on its effort to maintain connections among the staff.

At Intertech, we’re one team. To help build relationships, we give you the opportunity to connect with other team members without being overwhelmed by events outside your normal work schedule. Weekly communication between management and the team, a summer and a winter event, along with the opportunity to volunteer through the Intertech Foundation provide a variety of ways for you to get to know others within the company.

8. Work Obstacles.

Problems are addressed early to allow you to do your best.

At Intertech, doors are open and all communication is encouraged. This allows us to deal with challenges or issues as soon as possible. From weekly huddles to surveys, we want input that assures that Intertech’s culture is one each member is proud to call their own.

9. Senior Management.

Intertech leaders are trusted members of the team.

At Intertech, we let results speak for themselves. Recognized with more than a dozen awards for growth and best practices, Intertech leaders continue to guide the company to new heights. Our leadership elite includes members who have held director positions at large companies, entrepreneurs who have experienced success on their own, and technical executives who publish and speak nationally.

10. Confidence in Firm.

Intertech is sustainable and financially sound, and will be around tomorrow.

Beginning in 1991, Intertech has continued to prove itself over the test of time as it records year-after-year growth and increasing profitability.

Intertech Projects

Exceptional work attracts and retains exceptional people. Intertech team members included an Apache Committer, a six-time published best-selling .NET author, and multiple enterprise architects who have overseen multi-million dollar, multi-year projects. Exceptional people in turn attract and retain exceptional clients and projects. This principle is one of three used to guide our firm.

Example 1

Going Mobile with Android

Intertech created an Android application for health inspectors. The application replaces a 600 page manual and efficiently walks the user thru the health inspection.

Example 2

Getting Planes Off the Ground and Rockets Launched with .NET and HTML5

Intertech worked with a leading software manufacturer for the aeronautics industry. An eight person team developed a .NET and HTML5 application that manages and controls the manufacturing process.

Example 3

Tracking Server Access using HTML5

A worldwide leader in identity management turned to Intertech when they required a unique solution to track server access. The client needed to determine access to its servers even after a complete browser history and cookie deletion. Intertech leveraged HTML5, JavaScript, and a unique algorithm to allow tracking access on all major platforms (IE, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) after a browser clean function.

Example 4

Building a Framework

A team of six developers from Intertech created a .NET framework for a software development company. The framework was created over an 18-month period. The framework defined and contained a portal, a presentation suite, data access components, a business object suite and a set of developer tools. Line-of-business applications were created on top of the framework. Today, these applications are in production and being used across America. Intertech was the principal architect of the framework.

Example 5

Defining the Development

One of the largest state agencies in Minnesota engaged an Intertech principal to architect, mentor and define its process for how software is developed. As a result of our engagement, the agency reengineered its software development processes. These reengineered processes were supported by off-the-shelf and open-source tools. These tools included Perforce for source control, Maven for builds, functional testing using JUnit and Selenium, CruiseControl for continuous integration, and Trac for wiki-based developer documentation.

Example 6

Transitioning a Team

A leading logistics company turned to Intertech for help in creating .NET applications and processes for its developers. To make this code easy to write for application developers, Microsoft’s Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) was implemented. This allowed a developer to generate code that ”guides” them to the correct syntax required by the architecture. In addition, Intertech built out GUI components for line-of-business application developers.

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