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All Classes Will Be Held Virtually – Live Online Intertech's Training Division has been successfully instructing professionals through virtual live online training since the advent of the smartboard. It is a proven form and offers the convenience of live questions, group interaction, and labs with an instructor looking over your shoulder. Because of this, we will continue all classes live but virtually, including Agile and Scrum instruction, so businesses and individual’s seeking professional development can keep moving forward during these unexpected times.

Space-Based Architecture and the End of Tier-Based Computing

Most business applications are architected using a tier-based approach (presentation, business logic, data tier). The emergence of powerful and new commodity HW and the introduction of SOA/Grid architectures touts the promise of achieving true linearly-scalable systems at a lower cost. However, as we shall see in this presentation, these new platforms and architectures are not aligned with the existing tier-based approach, which is by definition ...

Sponsor: GigaSpaces Technologies


Owen Taylor @GigaSpaces Technologies

As Sr. Director, Worldwide Technical Communications with GigaSpaces Technologies Inc, Owen translates the new architectural concepts and technical capabilities of space-based solutions into accessible formats so that technologists can adapt them rapidly into their environments and gain their maximum benefit. Owens’ areas of expertise include J2EE design patterns and performance tuning of J2EE applications. Prior to GigaSpaces, Owen worked as Principal J2EE Product Specialist with Identify Software. Before that Owen acted as Senior Enterprise Architect with The Middleware Company where he specialized in B2B, EJB and J2EE training and consulting with a special emphasis on webMethods B2B server and, BEA.s WebLogic Servers. Owen has over the years delivered architecture consulting, mentoring and training to dozens of companies and advised them on how to best architect new applications ranging from e-commerce to stock-trading. Many of his engagements involved developing application prototypes on-site.

Prior to The Middleware-Company, Owen was Senior Consultant and Partner in The New Customware Company, where his duties mirrored almost exactly those he executed with the Middleware Company. Prior to CustomWare, Owen was Senior Consultant and Instructor in the Professional Services organization at Inprise (an EJB/J2EE & CORBA vendor), where he provided consulting and mentoring to customers in not only building large applications with EJB/J2EE and CORBA, but also specifically on the instrumentation, monitoring and management of applications developed using these technologies. He worked closely with the product teams and provided feedback which was incorporated into the products.

Before working at Inprise, during the mid-90s, Owen held software engineering or project management jobs at CRC Labs, Something Special, and Ranch Properties, where he either developed software or was responsible for hiring and supervising contract programmers. At Something Speci

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Food and Social: 5:30 PM
Presentation: 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
(Central Time)


Meeting Type: Seminar
1575 Thomas Center Drive
Eagan, MN 55122