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All Classes Will Be Held Virtually – Live Online Intertech's Training Division has been successfully instructing professionals through virtual live online training since the advent of the smartboard. It is a proven form and offers the convenience of live questions, group interaction, and labs with an instructor looking over your shoulder. Because of this, we will continue all classes live but virtually, including Agile and Scrum instruction, so businesses and individual’s seeking professional development can keep moving forward during these unexpected times.

React Framework: The Definitive Beginner's Guide (On-Demand Video)

This course will cover React fundamentals, including components, JSX, handling data and state, event listeners, routing, use of ES6 classes, and how to configure an amazing build chain with Webpack.

Explore all the dev tools you might need, set up your development environment, and, for the first time, get a quick introduction to and the Bot Framework. Build a pizza bot manager web app to help a pizza chain manage all of its conversations between customers and the pizza-ordering bot. Plus, get links to Visual Studio Code and links to the project repository for this course.

Here are the sections:

1 | Welcome to React Framework: The Definitive Beginner's Guide

Get an introduction to the course. Find out what React is, along with why you should learn it. Plus, see how to set up your development environment.

2 | Introduction to React

Learn about components and their React Framework variants, along with JSX. See how to build your first React components, and look at the component lifecycle.

3 | Handling Data and State with React

Learn what state is and how to design a data model for our sample app. See the experts build the second big React component in the sample app.

4 | More React with Routers and Other Add-Ons

See how to add routing to your React application and how to use the various React mix-ins.

5 | ES2015 and React Framework and Webpack and Other Tools

Get an introduction to ECMAScript, and learn about using ES6 modules, updating the Bot App to use ES6, and React developer tools.

6 | Connecting Pizza Bot App with the Backend

Learn about bots, and see how to build a conversation bot with LUIS and the Bot Framework. Find out how to connect the React sample app with the backend.

7 | Resources

Get links to Visual Studio Code, along with links to the project repository for this course.


Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript