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All Classes Will Be Held Virtually – Live Online Intertech's Training Division has been successfully instructing professionals through virtual live online training since the advent of the smartboard. It is a proven form and offers the convenience of live questions, group interaction, and labs with an instructor looking over your shoulder. Because of this, we will continue all classes live but virtually, including Agile and Scrum instruction, so businesses and individual’s seeking professional development can keep moving forward during these unexpected times.

Case Study: Major Regional Manufacturing Company

  • Client: Major Regional Manufacturing Company
  • Project: Ongoing Technical Expertise as Third-Party Technology Partner
  • Country/Region:

Often, companies use Intertech’s expertise to extend the capacity and capabilities of their existing technology departments.  Intertech fits the role of technology partner and advisor quite well, and we’ve happily worked with many clients over the years in this capacity.

Technologies Used

  • Java
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • Gradle
  • UI/UX
  • Agile / Scrum

Customer Quote

We have partnered with Intertech for the last two years to supplement our Java development team with additional resources. I can say unequivocally that every Intertech developer has been outstanding. They have brought not just heads down coding expertise, but have also added their experience and business acumen to our strategic direction for development tools, upgrade approach and technology roadmap. Intertech is our preferred development resource partner and are recognized as a true business partner within our organization.


In this case, a regional manufacturing and construction industry leader approached us to build various applications. More generally, however, they were looking for technical expertise and advice without needing to hire full time staff into their small web applications team.


Intertech’s relationship with the client began as a small-scale, temporary assignment to implement batch processing of 3rd party data files. Over the course of the first project, our Intertech consultants built trust and a rapport with the client. That first project grew to include more projects and responsibilities. What started as a temporary assignment grew to a team of two full-time Intertech consultants providing expertise, advice, and software development to modernize the company’s suite of Java web applications and Configuration Management processes.  This included:

  • Upgrading projects from Java 6 and Struts 1.3 to Java 8 and Spring Boot/Spring Web MVC.
  • Migrating all projects off of Ant builds and onto Gradle and Artifactory to manage dependencies.
  • Implementing a new web app to manage the company’s Engineering projects and time entry.
  • Defining a release process including versioning and branching strategies.
  • Establishing coding standards and providing tools to enforce them across the team.
  • Hosting an internal Wiki to document projects and processes.

Since the client is based in Wisconsin, Intertech’s consultants worked remotely. Additionally, the consultants were available to travel to Wisconsin to attend meetings and trainings in-person, as needed. The result was increased efficiency and cost savings for the client while still delivering high-quality work and regular face-to-face contact.

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Using Intertech’s consulting as a supplement to their in-house technology efforts meant the client could operate more efficiently. The company searched for months to fill open positions on the web development team, and Intertech was able to provide highly skilled software talent within days. The client also benefited from our consultants’ years of experience and varied backgrounds consulting in different industries. Our consultants on the job were experts in the necessary technologies. When they encountered a challenge or needed to give advice, they could also tap the knowledge of fellow Intertech colleagues working on other projects. In this way, the client benefitted from the combined expertise of our entire consulting team while only needing to hire one or two consultants.

Working with Intertech’s expert consultants also meant the client could choose, build, and deploy new technologies and software more quickly. As a result, Intertech quickly became a trusted partner and ally when the client needed to make technical decisions or sought a technology solution to a business problem.

Our Story: Intertech

From the day it was founded in 1991 by local entrepreneur Tom Salonek, Intertech has been a company with an important difference: unwavering commitment to customers, employees and the broader community through excellent work, smart workplace and financial management, and creative philanthropic involvement.

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