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All Classes Will Be Held Virtually – Live Online Intertech's Training Division has been successfully instructing professionals through virtual live online training since the advent of the smartboard. It is a proven form and offers the convenience of live questions, group interaction, and labs with an instructor looking over your shoulder. Because of this, we will continue all classes live but virtually, including Agile and Scrum instruction, so businesses and individual’s seeking professional development can keep moving forward during these unexpected times.

Case Study: Lester Electrical

  • Client: Lester Electrical
  • Project: Mobile IoT Application for Exterior Lighting Control
  • Country/Region: United States

More and more companies are diving into the world of 'smart things' allowing consumers to control, monitor, and customize physical objects. Lester Electrical is no exception. A Nebraska company, in the electrical business for over 50 years, decided it was time to turn your phone into a lighting toolkit. Their innovative concept allows you to operate, troubleshoot, and schedule the operation of landscape lighting through your phone's Bluetooth capabilities. Intertech's Mobile Development team was chosen by Lester Electrical to partner with them on this exciting next step in their product development.

Technologies Used

  • Mobile
  • iOS / iPad / iPhone
  • Android
  • Agile / Scrum
  • Internet of Things
  • UI/UX

Customer Quote

“Great team, and Intertech impresses me as a company. I would recommend the individuals I have worked with and indeed the company as a whole because one can tell the results we have gotten are a combination of the company’s culture and the individual’s capabilities.”


Lester Electrical faced the challenge of creating a dual lingual mobile application that met each app store's expectations, had the ability to be fully branded by different vendors, and at the same time needed to meet current market standards. The app was required to have the ability to control the landscape lighting power supply through the use of your mobile device, as well as monitor the current state of the power supply. Since Lester Electrical has other resellers under its company, they wanted the app to be customized to fit the reseller's brand. To make sure they met all their customer's needs, the app also had to be available in both English and Spanish at its launch.


Using a much favored Agile approach, Intertech worked remotely on this effort. Lester Electrical provided requirements and necessary equipment to Intertech’s mobile development team, enabling them to test the application throughout the building process. During development, the application’s code was unit tested as a part of a continuous integration (CI) process. Hardware integration testing was performed throughout the application life cycle by both Intertech and Lester Electrical developers. Throughout development, Intertech's team utilized user interface and user experience best practices - knowing that the user is the most important aspect of building this new app. With simplicity in mind, Intertech's mobile development team used distributed source control (Git) along with simple issue tracking to keep the project lightweight and easy for the two teams to stay synchronized.

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What stemmed from this project was a unique and easy to use application that can operate on all major mobile platforms with ease. All specifications and timelines had been met, allowing the app to be premiered at a recent landscape lighting trade show. Here are some pictures of the app in action.

Our Story: Intertech

From the day it was founded in 1991 by local entrepreneur Tom Salonek, Intertech has been a company with an important difference: unwavering commitment to customers, employees and the broader community through excellent work, smart workplace and financial management, and creative philanthropic involvement.

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