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Case Study: Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Institution Launches Improved Mobile User Experience

  • Client: Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Institution Launches Improved Mobile User Experience
  • Project: Improve Mobile Application Experience For Over 1.5 Million Cardholders
  • Country/Region: South Dakota-based, Worldwide Company

A large financial organization that issues credit cards engaged Intertech to help improve the mobile application experience for their customers.  With the help of Intertech consultants, the client was able to greatly improve the mobile user experience for over 1.5 million cardholders. Customers can securely view statements, make payments, and change account data, reducing call center volume while increasing customer satisfaction.

Technologies Used

  • iOS
  • Angular
  • SQL Server


The client’s 1.5 million customers needed a way to more easily access and manage their accounts from mobile devices. With the growth of mobile as the primary means that users access the web, the client needed a modern, responsive solution to provide a seamless mobile user experience. In the face of competition in the financial industry, where every bank and card issuer has a mobile app, the client needed an upgrade of their technology in order to continue to compete.

One major challenge of this project was adding functionality while still maintaining a high level of security controls and data storage compliance. Additionally, since these systems are currently in use by over a million customers and the client’s large customer support team, data integrity and access needed to migrate without any disturbances or unexpected events.


With the help of Intertech consultants, the client chose to implement native mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Developing separate applications allowed developers to create user experiences that looked and felt native to respective iOS and Android devices. However, an important consideration was code reuse between the two applications. As much as possible, Intertech’s team sought to share business logic across applications by building APIs for shared tasks. This reduced technical debt and made data reading/writing standard and secure for both applications.

Since security is a top priority for all applications that handle financial data, Intertech’s consultants provided the necessary expertise to develop and secure the application from attack vectors. Furthermore, the client retained the services of third-party penetration testers to audit and offer feedback on the application’s security. Working with a security mindset while also limiting technical debt ensured that Intertech kept the application’s risk profile to a minimum while maximizing upside for users.

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The immediate, tangible results of the project are greatly improved, new mobile applications for users. In today’s mobile-first web, users can access statements, check balances, make payments, change settings, and update information via a native application on their phone or tablet. This improved experience is critical for the client moving forward as a modern financial institution.

Moreover, the new mobile experience allows customers to resolve many common account queries or changes on their own. As a result, call volumes have decreased at the client’s call centers. This reduces expenditures on customer support while improving the customer experience at the same time.


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